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Qantas’ Advertising Legacy: Pulling The Heartstrings of A Nation for A Decade

Qantas is the oldest continuously operating airline in Australia. The very brand means Australiat both globally and domestically.

Much of this has been their  brand positioning dating back to the 1940s, when they first began to use the “flying kangaroo,”  one of the country’s most prominent national symbols. They’ve imprinted their brand on the consciousness on citizens of Australia and the world, but our favorite series is their “I Still Call Australia Home” series of long-form advertisements.

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Sweeping visuals from the Quantas ad spot

This series of two-minute spots have been released every few years from 1998, using an well known Australian song of the same title as the advertisement series by Peter Allen. The song’s lyrics describe an Australian filled with wanderlust (and aren’t they all?) who travels the world, but always knows that his home is across the ocean. Sung by various Australian children’s choirs and accompanied by stunning visuals of wonders of the world as well as iconic Australian landmarks, the message that Qantas can take you home is punched directly into the hearts of Australians at home and abroad.

This strategy (and imagery) is the reason that Qantas enjoys 65 percent of the market share in Australia. Even thought there are other airlines that service Australia, Quantas owns the Australian airline position by communicating directly into the hearts of Australians the world over. Even without their popular reputation as the safest airline in the world, they’ll always be the most Australian.